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Drop Out Fuse Cut-Out




 Outdoor mounted on cross-arm angle/channel structure



 Protection of Distribution Transformer.



 Open drop out expulsion


 Nominal rated Voltage (3 phase)



 Maximum system Voltage (3  phase)






 Continuous current rating



 Basic Insulation Level (Impulse Voltage)

 75KV (To earth and between poles)


 Power frequency withstand voltage  Dry & Wet

 35KV (To earth and between poles)


 Cree page Distance

 25mm/KV (Minimum)


 Fuse holder type

 Heavy duty sealed cap with Eye at upper end of the Fuse holder.


 Fuse link continuous ratings

 As per Customer’s requirements.


 Fuse link type

 K-Type as per NEMA standard, medium melting high surge.


 Rated Interrupting capacity

 8 KA (RMS)



 Design, Manufacture, Testing and performance are in accordance with IEC 282-2.

 Features and Accessories:

  • Each Cut-Out is completed including Fuse holder and Fuse Link.
  • he design provides reasonable protection against earthing by animals or birds.
  • Terminals are tin plated and suitable to accommodate for ACSR Merlin/Grosbeak /Hawk or suitable conductor as required.
  • All moveable current carrying contacts are silver-plated.
  • rackets are provided for steel cross-arm mounting with nuts bolts etc.
  • Fused cut-out units to latest revision of IEC 282-2 Standard are required to protect and provide insulator for distribution transformer. The unit supplied complete with galvanized steel brackets, bolts, nuts and washers for mounting. They are provided with a latch mechanism, which will open the fuse element when the fuse has operated. The latch mechanism is constructed as to operate easily from the ground with the aid of an operating stick.
  • nsulators are of the post type made of porcelain to withstand a mechanical force of 1600N. Current carrying equipments are made of copper or copper alloy.
  • ermination will be suitable for connection of compression terminal lugs.
  • The fuse element is totally enclosed by a fuse holder to protect it from the atmosphere specified electrical characteristics of the fuse units will be to latest revision of relevant IEC standard.
  • Fuse links for the fuse cut-out units are of the disconnecting type suitable for opening closing and removed by an opening stick.
  • Each fuse link is suitable for a common fuse base.